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The Importance of Tree Fertilization in Edmond, OK

When it comes to maintaining your landscape, it is one thing to care for all the plants in your garden, but what about the other flora throughout your yard—such as your trees? Well, it turns out that if you have trees, you will likely need tree fertilization in Edmond, OK, to ensure they are growing strong and healthy.

In forests and woodlands, trees are able to gain all of the nutrients they need from the soil they grow in. However, the ground in urban and suburban areas is nothing like the native soil that helps trees grow. Tree roots can find themselves struggling to survive in the compacted soil of the cities and suburbs. Even worse, this soil is depleted of nutrients since it does not have all of the organic matter that typically soaks back into the ground.

The team at Fenix Lawn & Tree, LLC understands how important the right soil is for the trees in your yard. That is why we provide high-quality fertilization services to ensure your trees get all the nutrients and space they need to be healthy and happy. Contact us today to learn more about our fertilization services or request any other tree care services we offer, including insect control, disease prevention, and nutrient injections.