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FAQs About Our Professional Landscaping Services in the oklahoma city metro area

Here are some of the questions that people or clients frequently ask about our professional landscaping services in the Oklahoma City metro area, what we do, and the terms we use. The things you need to know before you make use of professional landscaping services and other similar service providers. If you have any other questions, give us a call, and we'll gladly answer the best we can.

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When is the best time to fertilize trees?

In the Fall,  when the canopy is going dormant, but the roots are still active because soil temperatures have not fallen enough to slow their nutrient absorption significantly. We put down a full year's worth of nutrition all at once in a slow-release formula that will provide nutrition through the rest of the Fall, the winter and the coming spring. The second best time is in the early spring, although rates have to be reduced so as not to push too much growth into the heat of summer. Summer heat can burn tender new growth, so we want growth to slow some and the plant to harden off before any damage can take place.

When is it best to fertilize your lawn?

In the transition zone of the US, where many varieties of warm-season and cool-season grasses can grow, that answer can vary. With Fescue, best to provide low doses or spoon-feed in the spring, slow-release in late spring to last through summer, then heavy doses in the Fall when it wants a majority of its nutrients. With Bermuda, Buffalo, Zoysia, best to provide some spoon-feeding in the early spring to help it wake up, then heavy doses from late spring through summer being careful not to fertilize into the Fall. Once air and soil temps being to cool off, Bermuda wants to go dormant again.

How often to water?

See Flyer. Coming Soon!

Mowing...how low or tall is best?

Mowing tall is best, tall grass helps to shade the soil and keep roots cool so that they can grow vigorously and strong.

What is thatch?

Thatch is a layer of decomposing organic materials on top of the soil surface. It can act as a blanket for the soil and roots against our harsh environment. Although if it is too thick, then it can cause problems with heat, water, and air getting to the roots. A half-inch to 3/4 of an inch is an OK thickness, less is bad, and more is bad. Aeration helps to pock holes in a thatch layer and allows proper oxygenation and watering of the soil. Also, it allows naturally occurring bacteria to break down a thatch layer faster, thus helping to improve the soil profile and improve root growth.

Which is best, bagging or mulching the grass clipping?

Mulching, because it is recycling the water, nutrients, and other products trapped in the leaf blades.

What is Spring Dead Spot?

A fungus causes this in the Fall. It attacks Bermuda when the grass is going dormant. Prevention starts with the proper fungicide, followed by proper watering, mowing, and possibly some soil amendments with aeration to improve the Bermuda root structure.

What is a brown patch?

A disease that can occur on most grasses, but usually Fescue more than others. It occurs when we have high humidity and high night temps (above 55 degrees). This environment usually occurs beginning in Mid March and can run through Sept. although the worst time is in the spring when we have extra rains. It can be prevented or controlled with the proper fungicides, proper mowing, proper watering.

How to grow grass under trees?

My answer to that is with a question. How much grass grows in a forest? It is difficult to grow any plant when there is not enough sunlight. All grasses require sunlight to some degree. Fescue tolerates shade and drought better than most others, although it does require a great amount of water. Growing grass under a tree requires some pruning of the tree canopy to allow enough light through and also even more water than if the grass were in full sun because the tree roots are highly competitive for the same water.

How do synthetic fertilizers compare to organics?

We choose to use synthetic fertilizers because they are more stable, last longer, are easier to apply, are safer for the applicator, and the property owner and its visitors (fewer carcinogens), quantities required for desired results are less, more readily available, less odor, and reduced water requirements; also synthetics are better at being able to deliver what is needed and offer better time-released product options.

Why do trees turn yellow during the growing season?

There are several options for yellowing plants: insects, too much water, too little water, high soil pH, lack of necessary macro or micronutrients, poor soil structure, damage to a part of the trunk or canopy or roots, a disease, lightning strike, improper planting depth, planting in a burn, girdling roots, girdled trunk, etc. or a combination of any or all.

Will stopping grubs stop my mole problems?

Moles will eat almost anything under the soil surface. Earthworms are their favorite food. Controlling white grubs does help to keep the grassroots intact and growing healthy, but reducing their population will only slow down a mole, and it may then go into your neighbors' lawn. Best to trap moles or use baits.

What are borers?

Insects that burrow into live tree wood and cause damage to the vascular system of the tree. This causes an area of the whole tree to die off.

When is the best time to seed?

Coming Soon!

What is the best type of grass to seed within shade?

Pure 100% Fescue is shade tolerant. Shade blends from box stores come with weeds, and varieties of grass that do not heat, drought, and shade are tolerant.

Why are my crepe myrtles turning black?

This is caused by a scale insect excretions that allow a sooty mold to begin to grow on the bark of the plant.

Why are my shrub or tree leaves sticky?

Most likely, due to an infestation of scale or aphids.

What is iron deficiency?

Its called Iron Chlorosis. It occurs when the soil pH is too high to allow the proper amounts of nutrition to be absorbed by the plant. Sulfur helps to lower a high soil pH and unlock necessary elements for a healthy plant. Although, in some cases, a special Iron treatment is needed. For instance, in the case of Yellowing Oak trees, usually Pin Oaks. They may need a trunk injection to help them balance their nutrient levels.

Should I scalp my lawn?

It is always best to get rid of as much of any winter die back as possible. This allows more air, sun, and water to reach the soil to help bring the lawn out of dormancy. Another good time to scalp a lawn is right before you seed the lawn.


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