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Lawn Seeding Services

Grow the lush lawn of your dreams with seeding by Fenix Lawn & Tree, LLC. We perform lawn seeding in the Oklahoma City metro area to establish new lawns and fill in thin grass and bald patches. It is an effective and affordable way to restore your lawn after winter, droughts, and other types of damage.

We recommend combining our lawn seeding services with soil aeration to achieve a healthy, green lawn that sets the standard on your street. However, seeding alone will produce plenty of fresh grass to transform your exterior. Contact us today to request an estimate from our lawn care experts and to learn more about seeding.

The Basics of Seeding 

First, you should know that some periods of the year are better for lawn seeding than others. The seeds germinate best when daytime air temperatures are between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, although you can get good results in other temperatures too.

Next, keep in mind that it will take three weeks for the seeds to root and germinate. During this time, it’s important to water your lawn two or three times daily to keep the soil and seeds moist. Furthermore, keep people and pets off your lawn until the seeds have established themselves—typically three to four weeks. Find out more about how our lawn seeding services work and what to expect by talking with our knowledgeable team.


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