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Lawn Disease Control Services

Getting a nice lawn is one thing. Keeping it healthy is another. At Fenix Lawn & Tree, we know how much work goes into lawn disease control in the Oklahoma City metro area. From weeds to common plant illnesses, there’s plenty of threats lurking in the average suburb, and preventing or treating them takes professional-quality resources.

When you want to protect the lively green grass you love, count on us for support. Experiences in all aspects of lawn disease management, we make it easy and affordable to enjoy a verdant space. Our experts can lend a hand with issues like:

  • Excessive Thatch
  • Brown Spotting
  • Dollar Spotting

Care Tailored to Your Lawn

Though the same diseases can threaten most yards, each case has unique factors that influence the best treatment for the situation. We take the time to understand the root cause of any dying or uneven growth. Once we have a complete picture of the issues you face, we can design our approach to lawn care treatment for maximum effectiveness. That means less need for future visits and better value for your money. We’ll even advise you on avoiding future problems, so that you can feel confident maintaining your turf. Call us today to schedule your first treatment appointment with our lawn care company.


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