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Lawn Weed Control Services

Stop weeds from taking over your turf with services from the professionals at Fenix Lawn & Tree, LLC. We provide weed control services in the Oklahoma City metro area that are tailored to tackle the specific challenges of our local environment. Our team has over three decades of experience, so you can count on us for solutions that leave your lawn lush and green.

Weed control is an essential part of lawn care and maintenance. They don’t just mar your property’s appearance; they can also deprive your grass and other plants of nutrients. Plus, once a few weeds cross your property line, trying to eradicate them feels like a never-ending cycle. Talk to our team about our effective solutions for making your turf thrive.

Convenient Services That Make Your Life Easier 

As local lawn care experts, our goal is to help you achieve a beautiful property with no stress. That is why we have designed our lawn weed control and other services to be as convenient for you as possible. Our crews can visit you as often as needed, always at a time that fits your schedule. Plus, you can choose between scheduling weed control a la carte or bundling it with our other lawn maintenance services. Contact us today for an estimate on our lawn care services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of properly managing weeds?

There are a lot of reasons to control weeds. They may ruin the overall look of your lawn. While for farms, weeds can interfere with harvest and carry crop pathogens or host damaging insects. Weeds rob garden plants of their yield potential because they compete for water, light, and nutrients.

Luckily, we can help you maintain weed-free growing conditions in your garden to keep your plants healthy while reducing the use of pesticides. Through our weed control services in Edmond, OK, we can help keep insects and diseases to a minimum by carrying out effective control practices. Contact us today to learn more.

What are effective weed control methods?

In addition to using chemicals, there are other effective ways to eliminate or control the pesky weeds in your garden. You can use natural control practices for treating and preventing weeds, including:

  • Removing by Hand - Whether you pull weeds with your hand or use a garden tool to dig the weeds out, ensure you get to the root and not just pull the top; otherwise, the weed will return in no time. Consistent weeding helps reduce recurrence, especially with young weeds.
  • Squeezing Them Out - Be the bully of your garden, and don’t let them sit with your other plants by filling your lawn space with dense ground cover or perennials. Shade from trees and shrubs also helps prevent weeds from growing.
  • Getting the Right Diet - Just like your plants, weeds also need food and water. Only give your plants just enough so there's not any leftover to invite weeds to grow as well.
  • Not Digging Too Much - Too much soil turning causes weed seeds to reach the surface and sprout.

How often do you need weed control?

The frequency of weed control depends on several factors, including the type of weeds present, the climate, and the level of maintenance of the area. In general, it is recommended to perform weed control measures at least once per season or as needed.

Ultimately, the frequency of weed control will depend on the specific situation and should be determined based on the severity of the weed problem and the desired outcome. Consulting with a professional landscaper or horticulturist can help determine the appropriate weed control strategy and frequency for your specific needs.

Can you prevent weeds from growing on your lawn?

Yes, it is possible to prevent weeds from growing on your lawn by following some best practices for lawn care. Here are some tips that can help prevent weed growth:

  • Regularly Mowing – Shorter grass shades the soil and prevents weed seeds from germinating.
  • Proper Watering – Overwatering or underwatering can weaken your grass, creating an environment where weeds can thrive.
  • Fertilizing – Fertilizing your lawn with the appropriate nutrients needed for your grass type will help your grass grow strong and healthy, making it harder for weeds to grow.
  • Aerating – Helps to reduce soil compaction, allowing water and nutrients to reach the roots more easily. This helps grass grow stronger, which helps to prevent weed growth.
  • Weed Control – Regular weed removal and treating any areas with weed killer can also help prevent new weeds from growing.
  • Grass Selection – Choosing grass varieties that are well-suited to your climate and local environment can help prevent weeds from growing.


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